Festinema Junior Un Festival de Cine Francés para Jóvenes y Niños

The Alliance Française network of French-speaking cultural centers presents the 6th annual Festinema Junior, a national French film festival and educational outreach program for children and adolescents, part of Kids Trail, a program initiated by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the U.S and FACE Foundation.


This unique opportunity offers students of all ages and socioeconomic status to expand their international horizons through cinema and culture. 
The Festinema Junior program has four goals across the United States:


1. Introduce young audiences to world cinema and international cultures.

2. Integrate film as a teaching tool in the classroom.

3. Offer children of all backgrounds, status and origins an opportunity to see a foreign language film in a theater.

4. Teach young people to think critically in their film analysis.


All the screenings scheduled are FREE for the participating schools and the Alliance Française network provides them with educational portfolios for each film, which include pre-screening and post-screening activities.


This year, the Alliance Française de Denver is leading the organizational efforts of Festinema Junior. Across the country, 25 chapters and a projected 12,000 students will participate in the festival.


The Institut Français, the French Cultural Services of the Embassy in the US, the Délégation Générale of the Alliance Française in the US, TV5 Monde, Kids Trail and FACE Foundation are the main sponsors of this Festival.

Calendar of Festinema Junior 2019 screenings in Puerto Rico

April 4, 5, 8, 9 & 10

Fine Arts Miramar, San Juan

For more information about Festinema Junior 2019, visit festinema-junior.org

2019 Film Selections


Collective, 2016

“En sortant de l’école” is a collection of animated short films – 3 minute each – which aims at matching poems with the talent and graphic creativity of young directors, just out of French animation schools. The diversity of techniques is the keystone of this project : stop motion, rostrum camera, cutout animation, digital 2D, 3D – “En sortant de l’école” draws on this simple idea : to give these promising directors a free pass so that they can make a name for themselves. • Audience: 4-6 years old •


Claye Edou, 2017

Minga is an orphaned girl living with her stepmother Mami Kaba and her stepsister Abena. One day, when she was washing dishes in the river, she accidentally broke a spoon. A furious Mami Kaba then chased her away from the house, asking her to find the only identical spoon hidden by her late mother. A adventurous journey then begins for Minga in the forest. • Audience: 7-12 years old •


Jacques Tati, 1949

Once a year the fair comes for one day to the little town ‘Sainte-Severe-sur-Indre’. All inhabitants are scoffing at Francois, the postman, what he seems not to recognize. The rising of the flagstaff under his direction nearly leads into a catastrophy – but everybody tells him, how important his work is. Sneering up Francois continues in the evening of the festive day. Made drunk, some ‘friends’ persuade him to watch a short-movie in a tent. This film is a stunt-show, covered as ‘The modern delivery-techniques of the US-post. Francois takes it serious, not recognizing being teased. Next day, after getting sober in a goods wagon, he reorganizes his own delivery-methods. He has not the equipment, as his ideals in the short-movie have, but using only his bicycle, he makes good, funny progresses. • Audience: 13-15 years old •


Yvan Attal, 2017

After an incident, a brilliant professor known for his outbursts is forced to mentor the student he wronged for a speech contest. Neïla, a girl of Algerian descent, lives in a housing project in the suburbs of Paris with her mother and her grandmother. Always a good pupil, she has decided to become a lawyer and to this end has enrolled at the Assas University in Paris. But her first day proves a harrowing experience. Arriving late in the great amphitheater where Pierre Mazard, a seasoned but controversial law professor, gives his class, poor Neïla is taken to task by him, and in words tainted with racism. Some students complain about Mazard’s attitude, which urges the President to intervene. He firmly asks the prof that he do something to redeem himself. And to this end, why not train his victim for the prestigious speech contest Assas is associated with? • Audience: 16-18 years old •

Thank you to our Festinema Junior Sponsors